“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

- H.P. Lovecraft


White Puppet Studio is a studio based in Angoulême, France and dedicated to three things: a simple gameplay, a strong atmosphere and do everything to surprise the player.

There is only one person behind that: Jean-Baptiste TAR, aka Dahltus.



Who's The Monster? (2021)

A narrative and interactive 2D game

You Don't Have Time (2019)

You Don’t Have Time is a first-person puzzle game taking place in a series of rooms filled with puzzles, will you have time to solve them one by one to discover the reason of your presence?

  • The mouse click. That's all what you need to interact with the modules and hope to open the door.
  • 25 rooms with many procedural puzzles.

Looking for the solution of the game? Click here

The ScreaMaze (2018)

What score can you reach in this simple horror maze? Can you beat your best score and discover the scariest end?


Take your mouse and try to reach the exit of the maze without touching walls and before the end of the timer.

Will you try to beat your best score if you lose?

  • Very simple gameplay, you only need a mouse to play
  • Unlimited playing time with the procedural maze generation
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Your score is saved for the next time
  • Three different endings